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MOI’s Singapore office first opened its doors in 2013. I joined a year later. We were a humble team of two back in 2014, and while we were producing good work then, we’ve produced even better since. In less than two years, we’ve created campaigns that I am extremely proud of: campaigns that not only push the creative boundaries often not stretched in the B2B space, but also campaigns that are truly insights-led, which in turn contributes to the overall marketing effectiveness and the bottom lines of our clients’ businesses.

2016 has been a momentous year for us, and as we plan for the year ahead, we do so as the leading B2B technology agency in Singapore. It makes me extremely proud to reflect on our journey from ‘new kid’ to ‘cool kid’ on the block, so I wanted to share some of the highlights with you.

MOI in Singapore – an award-winning office

MOI’s Singapore office has a lot to be proud of, with our recent industry award wins being the latest. In 2016 we achieved bronze in Marketing Magazine’s Excellence in Integrated Marketing (B2B) category, and won B2B Marketing’s award for Best Multichannel Campaign. Both awards were for Oracle’s ‘Digital Bank of the Future’ campaign, which was managed by the Singapore office.

Digital Bank of the Future’ was a global, content-led campaign that saw Oracle engaging today’s modern B2B buyers, disrupting B2B marketing by using the knowledge of industry experts and influencers to get closer to the individuals driving change within retail banks.

A growing list of clients

We’ve created a proposition that sets us apart from other agencies in Singapore, where we use our Modern Demand Centre methodology to allow for disruptive marketing that engages today’s modern, digital-native B2B buyer. Clients have seen this as the way to modernise their marketing, which is why we’ve acquired more and more logos each year, with some of the biggest IT and tech brands joining us.

We doubled the Singapore team in 2016

2016 has been a good year all round for MOI’s Singapore office, but our huge logo acquisition and award wins wouldn’t have been possible without a great team of over-achievers. In 2016 we doubled in size, building and strengthening our creative and strategic teams and contributing to MOI’s culture of mixing energetic youth with experienced senior members. However, it’s backing up this creativity with data and technology that enables us to create award-winning international, multichannel campaigns that engage today’s modern, digital-native B2B buyers.

Creating a community of disruptors

Lots of people talk about being disruptive in B2B, but we actually make it happen. As well as creating head-turning B2B marketing campaigns with the help of our Modern Demand Centre, we bring the world’s marketing leaders together each year to find and discuss the ideas and techniques that are shaking up B2B right now. Our Disrupt Forums are creating a community of disruptors across the globe, with events in London, San Francisco, Sydney and, of course, Singapore – register your interest in our Q1 2017 events now to hear the latest news and receive exclusive content.

Time for you to turn heads in B2B across Singapore and APAC

MOI Global is all about turning the heads of today’s digital-native B2B buyers, people who have researched multiple suppliers before you even know they exist. Contact us at to see how we can help you engage modern B2B buyers across Singapore and the APAC region.

By Lidya Salim, Account Director at MOI Global’s Singapore office

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