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From Mad Men to Media Planner: My Journey to MOI

My name is Olivier, and I’m from Brighton. I’m bilingual in French, which I learned from my mother. My French roots come from all over the globe, from Reunion Island (a small island next to Madagascar) to Paris, to Corsica, where most of my family now lives. 

During my time as an audio-visual operations apprentice, I started watching Mad Men. I couldn’t help but be transfixed with the show’s characters. Their lives and careers fascinated me. I did some research and couldn’t believe that not only do these jobs still exist, but the industry is massive.  
I started my Mad Men journey working in a marketing department as an assistant. I wanted to test the waters and see if this was the right industry for me. Safe to say, I found my calling. After my apprenticeship ended, I completed a CIM Marketing qualification while working part-time jobs. 

Once COVID started winding down in the UK, I began looking for a new role in the industry. After just two weeks of searching, I saw a role advertised by MOI for a Media Planner. MOI’s position as a leading multi-specialist global agency made the opportunity too good to miss—and the rest is history.  

I’m genuinely enjoying every moment. In a really short space of time, I’ve already made some great memories and learned loads. I love how M | Academy has introduced me to new people, and I can’t wait to make more memories with them in the future.  

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