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The Start of Something Special: A Close Up of My MOI Journey 

Hi, I’m Calyne. I’m the Junior Video Editor and Motion Designer here at MOI. 

My job consists of helping our production manager Abi with any editorial work, both in-house and for our clients. 

Before joining MOI, my life was a non-creative, repetitive cycle that didn’t help me grow. I was ready to create change within my career and within myself. Working at MOI has given me so many opportunities to learn and grow my passion for video. 

I started learning on the job from the second I started. MOI had everything sorted by the morning of my first day. No struggle, no hustle! I got stuck in right away. And within my first three weeks, I could already see improvements in the quality of my motion design work. Plus, I’m starting to see beyond the surface of editing. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned alreadyfrom how the agency works, to the ins and outs of Adobe Creative Suite.   

As this is my first role as a junior video editor and motion designer, I put a lot of pressure on myself to get things right. But everyone at MOI has been so kind, helpful, and patient. I’ve been welcomed with open arms, and everyone has truly made me feel like a part of the team. I receive constructive feedback, help when I’m stuck, and the independence and trust to complete my work. 

In my short time at MOI so far, I can see how dedicated everyone is, which is really motivating and inspiring to me, especially as a junior member of staff. I love being in an environment where everyone loves what they do. It’s had a positive influence on me and makes work feel easy. It motivates me to work harder when I know that the work I’m doing matters.  

I truly hope I continue to grow and become more of an expert in my field. But I know this is just the start.

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