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Diving Right In and Designing My Future at MOI

Hey, I’m Alex, MOI’s Junior Graphic Designer. Although I’ve only been at MOI for a short period of time—since March 2022—I’ve been made to feel really welcome and think I’ve really settled into my role and MOI family.  

I live down in a little town called Selsey, right on the South Coast. I’m lucky enough to live just 100 meters away from the sea. It’s great to actually go for long walks by the beach after work. I was born in Slough but moved to Spain with my mum and two sisters in 2003, where we lived for two years. We relocated to Selsey to be closer to my nan & grandad—and I’ve been here ever since.  

I studied graphic design and photography at Chichester College. Once I had gained my qualifications, I started working for a local design and print company while helping my friend with roofing in my spare time. I ended up doing roofing full-time, for the next three years! After this, I took the leap to become self-employed, focusing on the things I’m most passionate about: shoes, clothing, and graphic design. In that time, I learned loads of new skills and worked with various clients. It massively boosted my confidence.  But after being my own boss for nearly three years, I was ready for a new challenge.

I wanted to become part of a wider team, in a well-established agency, with room for growth and career development. I found my current role at MOI, and I love it. Here, no two days are the same. On my first day, I was told that most of my work would be internal. But within three days, I was given the chance to help create a pitch deck for Capgemini—one of our biggest clients. Recently, I’ve done a lot of work for ServiceNow and Katmai. I’m humbled by the agency’s trust in me to work on such big projects so early on. I’m excited to continue my journey with MOI and grow my career.

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