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We’re delighted to announce Matthew Stevens as the new Global MD at MOI. After 11 years at MOI, Matt will be leading the agency’s ambition to challenge traditional B2B marketing practices in the modern world.

Matt has already overseen huge growth in MOI, an award-winning, fully integrated B2B creative agency with offices in London, San Francisco, Singapore and Sydney. He transformed our Singapore office into a multi-million dollar business, with 33% growth in EMEA over the last year. As he takes the lead across the global business, he’ll be looking to do the same in North America, to establish MOI as a truly global operation, while continuing to offer localised marketing.

Matt’s vision for MOI Global

With over a decade of experience in B2B marketing, Matt has had a unique view of modern marketing, having seen the digital landscape’s dramatic shift first-hand. Starting his career in a world of mail shots and ‘innovative’ DM formats, he now advises on how omni-channel marketing plays for large global brands. The board of directors sees this as the perfect fit to drive MOI through our next exciting phase of growth.

As Matt says, “business buyers are changing the buying process faster than marketing and sales organisations are changing. Our aim as an agency is to help brands bridge that gap.”

He strives to make MOI an agency that not only delivers disruptive ways to help marketers and clients keep ahead, but shows them how to be disruptive in their own right.

How he’ll achieve his vision

Matt will help us continue to deliver best-in-class integrated marketing while exploring ways to challenge the status quo. These include:

  • Modern Demand Centre
    Matt aims to “transform the models that allow brands to use real time data and analysis to respond in real time, revolutionising the way we generate demand. We call it the Modern Demand Centre.”
  • Talent across art and science
    According to Matt, one of his biggest challenges will be to “retain creativity in a data-driven world” His response will be to invest in a unique mix of creatives and data scientists who work in one unified MOI team.
  • Building a ‘challenger’ global brand
    MOI explore what it means for a mid-size creative agency to bring challenger thinking through the global brand.
  • A ‘cool kid’ culture: Matt will work to evolve the young, vibrant, inventive culture that’s already in place and build an agency that’s right at the bleeding edge of disruptive B2B thinking and innovative practices.
  • Partnering like-minded brands
    MOI will continue to identify, and onboard as partners, marketing leaders within global brands that share the agency’s vision for the future of B2B marketing.

The Modern Demand Centre

Under Matt’s guidance, MOI has already used the Modern Demand Centre methodology to help generate multi-million dollar pipelines for MOI clients, and we’re delighted in 2016 to be shortlisted for four major industry awards. Matt sees the Modern Demand Centre model as the foundation for change within MOI, re-shaping the agency around the proposition, and using it as the catalyst for transforming our clients’ marketing infrastructures.

What Of The Future?

Matt’s natural next step is to take the Modern Demand Centre forward into a new MOI offering: Marketing as a Service. Starting with real-time insights into the behaviour of our clients’ buyers, we will create instant, on-demand content with which to seed influence into buyers’ favourite online channels, right when it’s needed. It’s a method to capture the interest, and the business, of customers who fall outside the traditional marketing funnel, thereby reaching new audiences who may otherwise never have been known to the brand. Clients will be able to sign up to different levels of service by subscription.

About Matthew Stevens

Matt started with MOI aged only 17 on a commercial apprenticeship in marketing and business management, working his way through sales, operations, management, and everything in between to learn the business inside-out. He says it gave him “a unique view of how business and marketing works.” He’s lived through the shift from traditional marketing to modern digital marketing.

In 2015 Matt was made Business Director, taking responsibility for ensuring integrity of MOI’s Global operations and leading change throughout the agency. He has worked closely with clients to understand their commercial goals, builds go-to-market strategies, and has embedded new thinking within both MOI and clients’ organisations.

In 2016 Matt launched the Disrupt Marketing Leaders Forum, where marketing leaders come together to discuss the ideas and techniques that are shaking up B2B right now. He loves exploring the modern marketing landscape to see what’s possible, but he’s also keen to share with the rest of the marketing community.

You can see what he’s up to on Twitter @AgencyMatt.

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