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Have a browse of the MOI website, and you’ll see something mentioned once or twice: that MOI turns the heads that count in B2B.

kay, so we say it all the time. What’s marketing for if not to get the attention of an audience, anyway?

I could talk about all the things that go into creating ‘head-turning marketing’: about how you need to obsess over the details; or how you need to blend data, technology and creativity; or how you need to understand each audience member at an individual level.

But really, it’s the people (or MOIers) that make MOI the agency it is.

In this three-part series, I’ll give some pointers on how you can turn the heads of MOI’s top decision-makers and join us as a pivotal member of the team.

In this first part, I wanted to find out the key skills our directors are looking for, so I asked them all one simple question: what do you look for in a potential MOIer?

Just to warn you though, it’ll take more than sending a thank you note to the interviewer

Use the clichés but don’t be one

Yes, recruitment is full of clichés. But, as grating as words and phrases such as ‘passion’ and ‘communication skills’ have become, there’s a reason why they’re used so often.

MOI Business Director David Haward says that for him, “the candidate first and foremost must be able to communicate effectively with all departments, be up to date with B2B trends and have a passion for what they do.”

A great talent pool is everything to MOI. It’s why – with all the creative, digital, strategic, event and client-facing roles collaborating seamlessly – we’re able to compete as a top B2B agency. David adds that we “operate effectively when a resource is focused, integrated and much more aligned than in a larger agency.

“Finding individuals who are true experts in their field and can communicate with other members of the team to make sure everyone is working in alignment is extremely important for us.”

So, passion for B2B marketing (as well as all the other clichés) is something you must have in buckets. But you don’t show passion by calling yourself passionate. So please don’t, for every recruiter’s sanity, use that word anywhere on your CV. Find another way to show your love for B2B marketing.

Be curious

If you’re not using that passion to become a better marketer, “MOI is not the agency for you,” says Managing Director Matt Stevens.

To get better, you need to be curious: “If there’s one thing every MOI employee has in common,” continues Matt, “it’s that their curiosity in marketing drives them to remain an expert in their field, stay hot on industry trends and keep their skill sets current.”

Be hungry

Personally, one of the first things I noticed when I started working at MOI is the team’s dedication to getting all the details right and spending time to give every bit of work an extra layer of polish.

That comes from hunger, says Creative Director Lee Wisedale: “An MOI employee must show hunger to do great work, to learn, to improve and to dazzle with brilliance.”

“The reason we create award-winning work is because the team is hungry to complete projects to the highest of standards.”

And following processes is key to producing creative, head-turning work every time. “The ideal candidate,” Lee says, “should be hungry, but also familiar with the detailed processes within a creative agency, from in-depth briefs to day-to-day studio meetings.”

A checklist for the potential MOI’er

So before you apply for a role, to get noticed by MOI or any B2B marketing agency alike, you need to show that you:

  • Have a deep passion for the advertising and marketing industry
  • Actively keep up to date with B2B marketing trends
  • Can communicate with people in any department
  • Are hungry to execute head-turning work and learn new things
  • Understand and can follow agency processes
  • Have a skill set that matches the job description

There we have it: the skills and attributes you’ll need to be considered an MOIer.

But how do you actually show us you have those skills when you apply for a role? That’s what I’ll be looking at in part two of this blog series, based on my experience of overseeing the application process here at MOI.

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