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Over the last few years, we’ve been on a mission to expand our reach across the world and be better placed to help B2B technology brands reach ever bigger audiences. We opened offices in London, Singapore, Sydney, Singapore, Munich and New York – we’ve now taken our next big step.

We couldn’t be happier to announce the opening of our new office in Dubai – the global powerhouse that is MOI now has a local presence in the Middle East, where we’ll be able to turn even more heads than ever before.

Why the Middle East?

As the region digitises, it’s quickly becoming a major technology hub. For example, the move to digital financial services is seeing a fintech boom in areas such as cloud computing, and online and P2P payments.

With huge governmental investments in digital infrastructure, innovation is on the rise and sandboxes are opening all over the place to test and roll out digital services and technologies.

“Over the past year, we’ve seen tremendous growth of intelligent cloud and AI solutions across the region. In fact, it’s predicted that AI could further increase the UAE’s GDP by $96bn by 2030.”

Jaime Galviz, COO and CMO, Microsoft, Middle East and Africa

Regional growth, global reach

We’re a global partner to some of the world’s largest tech players, so our new Middle East hub in Dubai lets us support clients with local capabilities as they expand their footprints in the region – and benefit from a technology growth that shows no signs of slowing down.

With an agency that can execute quickly in a unique market, our clients will remain agile and get a head start against the competition. Without the global reach MOI offers, the path to success will be far slower.

“MOI truly has become global and we’ll be catapulting our international expertise and approach to global leading businesses in this thriving region.”

Matthew Stevens, Global MD, MOI Global

Let’s work better together

For MOI, there’s nothing more important in marketing than collaboration. In our experience, the most successful campaigns are always the ones where agency and client work as one team.

Collaboration runs through everything we do as an agency, from a well-thought out strategy to the creative to the execution – our new office means we can do this on a bigger scale than ever, working closely with global brands on regional campaigns.

It will be great to build even stronger relationships with our existing clients. Since we already know their brands and audiences inside and out, we can work together to get to market even faster and capitalise on the Middle East’s growth.

A well-cultured agency

Now that we’re fully immersed in the region’s many distinct cultures, we have an even better understanding of our clients’ audiences, letting us produce ever more locally relevant campaigns.

Combined with a data-driven approach, we’ll know what they’re talking about, what they need and where they like to hang out to create even more engaging experiences.

We’ll be able to deliver localised creative services, supported with digital media capabilities that are tailored to the region’s specific demands. Our experiential team will manage the face-to-face engagements that remain critical to doing business in the Middle East.

“I’ve always known the Middle East to be diverse in its culture, people and in business. In a place where anything is possible, business here is as dynamic as you’ll see anywhere in the world.”

Hasna Mashoor, Client Director, Middle East, MOI Global

Turning heads in the Middle East

For technology brands, the Middle East is the place to be. We can’t wait to see what our clients can achieve in this region. We’ll be helping them get the advantage through fully integrated services that incorporate digital, content, ABM, creative and events.

If you’d like more advice on turning the heads that count in the Middle East, check out these tips on marketing in the UAE from our Middle East Client Director, Hasna Mashoor.

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