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B2B agency MOI Global has acquired specialist account-based marketing agency ALIAS Partners.

The move will merge the considerable ABM forces of both agencies – and enable MOI to use their fully integrated, global scale to strengthen and expand the proven account-based experience (ABX) methodology of ALIAS. MOI’s capabilities in digital and data intelligence, as well as their existing ABM technology partnerships, will further bolster the agency’s offerings.

MOI’s UK, US, Singapore and Middle East offices will provide local support, management and knowledge for ALIAS’ global ‘Collective’ of ABM experts, technology partners and integrated capabilities.

Few companies have all the in-house resources required for effective ABM or ABX, so ALIAS’ Collective plays a crucial role in the success of their clients’ campaigns, by providing specialists that cover any skills gaps.

“ALIAS joining MOI means we’ve created the first truly global centre of excellence for account-based experience,” says MOI’s global MD, Matthew Stevens. “Welcoming ALIAS into the MOI family was an easy decision – they enable sales and marketing to work together to make the ABM triangle fully obtainable, from top to bottom, with data at its heart. Together, we can surround any account with any channel, at anytime, anywhere in the world.”

ALIAS Partners’ Mike Boogaard anticipates that their increased scale will massively benefit clients. He says: “More resources mean we can do even more, at a quicker pace, and give local support to global campaigns. Joining MOI essentially means that the ALIAS approach to ABX – which is rooted in the principles of ABM but wrapped around your entire marketing strategy – gets superpowers.”

The acquisition also promises to amp up the two agencies’ shared belief in insights-led creative strategy. “Clients will immediately feel the impact of our desire to not just do B2B as usual, but to find and define what’s different,” says Julie Wisdom, ALIAS Partners. “ABX allows for – demands, even – a different approach to creativity, that’s heavily steeped in data, insights, and the customer experience.”

MOI is the integrated agency behind the world’s top tech B2B brands. We use creative thinking, strategy, design, data, content, event and media expertise to create head-turning experiences that help solve broad business challenges and transform businesses at scale. Established in 1987, we have offices in London, Singapore, New York, Dubai, Sydney and Munich.

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