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Meet MOI’s New VP of Transformation & Delivery Excellence: Yvonne Torrent-Lim

Award-winning marketing and creative agency MOI Global are continuing their explosive expansion throughout 2021, and so are delighted to announce that Yvonne Torrent-Lim will step into the position VP of Transformation & Delivery Excellence. 

Driving and guiding transformation 

Tasked with taking MOI to the next level, Yvo (as she’s affectionally known within the agency) will cover two key aspects—transformation and delivery, both intertwined to streamline internal processes and accelerate change across the agency. 

On the side of transformation, Yvo is to accelerate the agency’s growth through spearheading MOI’s transformational programmes. One of her key initiatives is to identify and deploy new platforms and processes that will help streamline the end-to-end agency workflow, produce better value for clients, and transform experiences across the board. As she explains: 

“The smoother we run internally, the better the output for clients. Ultimately, that means digitising our Turning Heads process, helping our media team move to more advanced platforms, even transforming HR processes. It’s my responsibility to ensure MOI continues to be an agency that’s far ahead of the digital curve, loved by clients and employees alike.” 

Housing a dedicated position to drive and guide transformation is not typical for today’s agencies. “But having someone who steps away and looks at the various transformational pieces means stresses can be identified quickly,” explains MOI SVP of Global Operations Paul Hadley. “Helping to create the seamless experience that our clients cherish.” 

Heading the PMO  

As VP of Transformation & Delivery Excellence, Yvo will also head up our new Programme Management Office. The PMO creates a clear distinction between client services and account teams, to ensure we deliver our best work effectively and efficiently. 

Under Yvo’s leadership, the PMO will govern the agency’s best practices when it comes to delivery excellence. Training a core, dedicated team of delivery experts as we grow also makes MOI more scalable and agile for our clients. 

Conducting the orchestra 

Yvo can’t wait to get started. In fact, she admits that thinking about going from A to B in the fastest way possible, without compromising on creative output, keeps her up at night. While MOI don’t condone Yvo’s lack of sleep, it must be said that her drive has inspired the entire agency: 

“I have no real musical background but very much see myself as the orchestral conductor of talents. Everyone at MOI is truly an expert. My responsibility—and passion—is to look at the big picture, make sure each person comes in at the right time, with the right note, to make beautiful music. Whether that’s in the form of a marketing campaign or a large transformation project.” 

The reality is that client needs are evolving fast. Yvo’s new position puts MOI on the front foot, ensuring we’re always ready for success—in any genre. 

MOI Global transforms relationships between customers and B2B technology brands, with head-turning marketing and advertising for the likes of Ciena, CyberArk, Facebook, Oracle, ServiceNow, Avaya, Cognizant, and Adobe. 

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