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Meet MOI’s Inspiring New Business Director: Stefanie Hinten-Reed

Award-winning marketing and creative agency MOI Global are undergoing a period of explosive expansion—so they are delighted to have recently welcomed on board Stefanie Hinten-Reed, their brand-new Business Director. 

Brand, content, and digital marketing expertise 

Stef has been in B2B for over 20 years, having started out in integrated marketing campaigns at below-the-line agencies. She proved her proficiency by excelling across a multitude of media, including DM, radio, and newspaper. Stef’s eclectic career has seen her working with consultancies, financial services, and tech enterprises, expanding and specialising her approach to digital marketing along the way. 

Stef is driven by the power of quality content. Her audience-first approach is derived in no small part from her origins in magazine publishing where, as she explains: 

You had to prove the benefit of telling, not selling. You had to explain to marketing directors the power of stories, and how aligning brand with engaging storytelling is beneficial in the long term to the audience. If you’re writing content that’s interesting and relevant, it doesn’t matter if it comes from a brand or not. That’s been my single biggest eye-opener in the last 10 years. 

The power of storytelling 

Stef encourages her clients to discover the potency of high-quality content for themselves, in order to educate, delight, and engage their customers. She stresses the importance of not only getting in front of people in the first place, but also of understanding what they care about, and their pain points: 

I see a lot of tech businesses talk about the benefits of their products and services. But rarely do they take a step back and ask: “Why is this of interest to this particular audience? How does it relate to the challenges they face, at both an industry and individual level? 

But this was precisely why Stef was so enthused to join MOI. As she describes: 

MOI have easily the most creative environment I’ve been in. But they also boast the data and science insights to back up what they do. 

Ready to turn the heads that count! 

Stef is excited to align MOI’s clients’ growth strategies with their customers’ needs, whilst adding business value to their end users. She advocates for brands to stay true to themselves, and have the confidence in being authentic for their customers. Stef’s effervescent enthusiasm for what makes brands unique has seen MOI reimagine their approach to both content and clients alike. They can’t wait to see what she does next! 

MOI Global transforms relationships between customers and B2B technology brands, with head-turning marketing and advertising for the likes of Facebook, Oracle, ServiceNow, Amazon Web Services, DXC Technology, and Truata. 

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