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I’m an enthusiastic undergraduate carrying out my placement year with MOI, before (hopefully) graduating with a BSCs Management degree in 2024. I felt a mixture of nerves and excitement before joining the team – mostly down to the fear of the unknown. But, after just my first week, I am feeling more at ease because the people at MOI instill confidence from the get-go. 

My marketing record before joining was limited to less than one month’s work experience back in 2019 with a B2B agency. However, I did enjoy this, which ultimately led me to believe I would be a good fit for MOI. 

I have already been exposed to industry insights in my first week which has brought concepts from Uni modules such as business economics; organizational behavior; finance; project management; economics of the industry and firm; to life. It makes me eager to see what the rest of the year will bring! 

Outside of work I enjoy playing rugby, having represented Hertfordshire and Lambs u18s. I have recently just got back to playing in the last couple of months after being riddled by multiple injuries, two of which needed surgery! On the topic of sport, I’m a huge Chelsea fan and enjoy staying active in general – may it be at the gym or having a little kick-about with mates.  

Can’t wait to meet more people working for the agency and to see what the year brings. 

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