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It’s Time to Give Back: How MOI is Creating Change for Good 

So, the curtain’s fallen on another year.  

For much of the world, 2022 was a time of increased uncertainty. More than ever, our employees wanted the opportunity—and the time—to support the communities that they’re a part of, lending their varied skillset to make a real, positive difference in wider society. 

Here at MOI, we make it our responsibility to meet this need, engaging and empowering our people with a CSR program that spans regular volunteering days, internal reward schemes, even a virtual trip across the world, all to do good by being good. 

Now 2023 is here, we’re ready to take things up a notch. But first, here’s a look back at the fantastic projects we’ve run so far. 

Corporate volunteering: supporting those who need it most 

The way we see it, corporate volunteering is a win-win on multiple levels. Firstly, we support fantastic local charities that make a real difference. Also, our employees get time away from a screen and their regular routine, while we add value to the recruitment, retention, training, development, loyalty and overall fulfilment of our talented teams. 

Still, building the right volunteering program is no small task. There are busy calendars to contend with, individual needs to consider, not to mention that, with so many great causes out there, which ones do you reach out to? 

We started 2022 by putting volunteering dates in people’s calendars. Then, we reached out to a number of local charities. Here, it was important to give our people a choice, so they could identify the area where they’d make the biggest impact. 

As most of our UK team lives around London and the South East, our shortlist comprised of: 

  • Surplus to Supper: sourcing and distributing surplus food to those in need 
  • Stanwell Foodbank: providing food parcels and creating meals from surplus food 
  • Hersham Hounds: caring for retired greyhounds and finding them homes 

The result? Our entire UK team lent their hands (quite literally) to these great causes in an inspiring day of creativity, collaboration, and fun—helping to turn the heads of all who encounter these charities in the future. 

Culture Club: bringing fantastic initiatives to life 

Gone are the days when employees see work as, well, just work. Today, they want to be part of a vibrant culture that supports their health and wellbeing, and rewards personal development, great ideas, and going the extra mile. 

That’s why we formed the Culture Club. The Culture Club dreams up innovative internal programs that engage our hybrid team, from wherever they’re working. This last year, we’ve galvanised our employees through: 

  • Time to Move: MOIers record the miles they run, hop, skip in our goal to circumnavigate the globe, with charitable donations made whenever we reach an exotic location 
  • MOIer of the Month: A classic with a twist, our winners receive a digital certificate they can use to jazz up their LinkedIn profiles

The best bit? These initiatives are making a real positive impact, not only on our health and wellbeing but in the wider world. One charity we support—Home Start—reached out at the end of 2022 to thank us for donating gifts to children in need, and shared a couple of truly heart-warming photos. 

What 2023 has in store 

In 2023, our barnstorming CSR program is set to grow further. We’re already building on our momentum for change, moving to a brand-new HQ in Waterloo, London, that gives our MOIers a fantastic workplace experience. 

Away from the office, we’re planning our next set of volunteer days, will soon be heading to the moon and back in Time to Move Part 2, and will continue to support our three global charities. 2023 will also see us launch M|Icons, a project that’s all about rewarding Turning Heads moments across the agency, while we continue to craft CSR initiatives that lend our skills to support and inspire good causes across the MOI landscape. 

Now that’s how to create change—for good. 

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