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SYNC Southeast Asia

Meet the digital consumers of tomorrow

the content

When Facebook first started the thought leadership series in 2018, the objective was simple – break perception about SEA’s emerging middle class of consumers. Facebook has since continued this partnership with Bain & Company to deep dive into digital consumer behaviours and this has evolved into a series called “SYNC Southeast Asia”– which MOI helped to brand.

the challenge

Facebook’s 2019 study uncovered a new type of SEA consumer: a Discovery Generation whose purchasing habits are largely driven by inspiration. The study examined their spending patterns and what their emergence means for brands. Come 2020, the move from an offline to online economy has taken off faster than expected. How can Facebook then equip leaders to reimagine their customers?

the solution

MOI crafted the narrative for 2019’s report ‘Riding the Digital Wave’ and 2020’s report ‘Digital Consumers of Tomorrow, Here Today’, turning data into learnings and insights. A series of collaterals, including the key visual, keynote decks, whitepapers and campaign digital assets localised for the SEA market.