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B2B consumers crave personalised experiences. But your APAC consumers? They’ve created their own set of rules.  

Home to over 4.46 billion who speak nearly 2,300 languages and the birthplace of more than 11 religions, APAC is a melting pot of distinct identities and personalities. So, it’s no surprise that consumers in this nuanced region want brand interactions that go beyond the basic, “tailored, timely and targeted” spiel.  

They assume you, the modern marketer, are able to read their minds. From knowing their discovery habits to predicting their next move, they expect you to know their needs or wants like how Netflix would suggest their next binge-fest.  

This is why cookie-cutter marketing moulds just won’t do in today’s content-saturated world. Studies have shown that, on average, brands have less than eight seconds to influence their decision and behaviour. You don’t get a second chance at making a first impression. 

Now, when your APAC buyers can see through your marketing strategy, how do you then create meaningful connections?  

For me, the much-needed human touch in B2B stems from the use of data to influence consumer psychology and inform your creatives. This is what we’ll be covering at B2BNXT Marketing Summit – The Human Touch, our annual B2B marketing event held on 3rd December 2019 at 1880, Singapore. 

Rewiring unconscious consumer decisions in your favour  

IoT. Wearables. Smartphones. Social media. These advancements in technology are not just proof that consumers are spending more time on the Internet, but that they’re also spending more online. In Southeast Asia, the Internet economy has hit $100B and is on track to reaching the $300B milestone by 2025!  

With apps for eCommerce, ride-hailing and food delivery now integral in the daily lives of millions of Southeast Asians, our keynote speaker, neuro-marketer, Professor Gemma Calvert, will share insights on how adapting to these new changes has influenced the human psyche, like the fundamental wiring of the human brain.  

A sneak peek 

As mobile apps offer the convenience, value and access to services and products that were previously difficult to obtain, the human psychology is currently operating on the “power of now”. For modern marketers like us, this means we need to fulfil the demand for instant gratification to create long term satisfaction. Intrigued? Professor Calvert will also be delving into the emotional triggers to look out for to succeed in the ever-changing online/offline multiverse.   

Building your B2B strategy like B2C    

With Southeast Asia shifting towards social media as its primary engine of digital consumption, consumers have redefined their expectations of the customer experience.  

To them, it’s about the unique, hyper-personalised experiences your brands offer that’ll win over their hearts. And this comes from having a clear, omnichannel strategy.  

Take the lead from established B2C brands. Nike, for example, made the decision to walk away from Amazon because the platform was not ideal for delivering differentiated customer experiences.  When you’ve invested so much on harnessing data to create unique customer experiences, you’re not focused on selling products. You’re focused on building a community and a creative vision that inspires loyalty within your customers.  

That’s why brands like Spotify and Netflix have achieved rock star status and a cult-like following. Their strategy doesn’t get them customers. They gain loyal brand advocates.   

Is this possible in B2B? Hell yes.  

There’s more where that came from. Register here to build powerful experiences for your modern APAC buyer.  

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