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Get to know: Ollie Bartlett – MOI’s Digital Designer

The MOI Academy and beyond: a quick story about my design career

It all started at A-level, a struggling student trying to find his niche in life. Not clicking with my chosen subjects, I did a 180 and looked for a change. This is where I found Graphic Design. I’ve always been quite a tech-savvy person so when I succeeded here, I knew it’s what I wanted to be doing as a career.

Next stop, Portsmouth University, a respectable skill jump from A-level. There were rigorous deadlines and stacks of research books, but all being said, I can’t recommend the course enough. It taught me the foundation of design, but more importantly, the time-management skills I didn’t know I’d need so much today. After many sleepless nights and endless shifts at the library, I made it. Finally, out of education.

So, what’s next?

I left uni with high hopes for the future, ready to sink my teeth into the next opportunity. Instead… I found the pub. I juggled night shifts with telephone interviews for six months.

It’s now Christmas, and I’m still eager to get my foot in the door, but the calls are coming in less as people begin to enjoy the holidays. Then out of nowhere, I get a call about a potential internship at a global B2B marketing company, just a 10-minute walk from home! Eager to get the interview underway, I went into the office… on Christmas Eve. They gave me the job a few days later. A Christmas miracle?

The internship threw me straight into work, beginning with internal MOI work. But before I knew it, I was put on jobs for huge B2B clients. Being the first designer to come out of the internship programme, I can safely say that the Academy programme, run by the brilliant David Haward, is one of the best opportunities for young marketing and creative talent to begin their journeys in the B2B world. There are super-talented, approachable colleagues, at all levels, that have not only helped me develop as a designer but as a person too.

Having been at MOI for almost two years now, playing my part in huge award-winning projects and helping the company secure big new logos, it’s safe to say I’m now part of the furniture. But I’m still hungry to push myself in all fields, to be the best designer I can be, and to help grow the company.

If you don’t have time to read it all, here’s a quick summary. If you’re looking for an opportunity in the B2B marketing industry, whether you know your path or not, I can’t suggest a better place to start than the M|Academy.

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