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Get to know: Harry Wyld – MOI’s Junior Marketing Manager

I first joined MOI as a Marketing & Talent Executive in January of 2019 during a break in my Journalism studies at Sheffield Hallam University.  

It was a dual role, splitting my time across internal marketing and onboarding talent into the agency. And what can I say? – I loved every minute of it.  

But in a click of a finger August was upon me and it was time to return to university and complete my final year studies.  

Fast-forward 10 months and I’ve graduated. But more excitingly I have been recruited through the MOI Academy (the agency’s programme for graduates and young recruits) and have re-joined the growing business as a Junior Marketing Manager.  

So why is this opportunity so exciting? Well, MOI is growing, and rapidly. But it’s also the people and the opportunities you get as an academy recruit. I think my fellow academy recruits would agree that we are valued. We really do get to work on stuff that’s important. It’s not a tea and coffee job. You don’t chaperone after others. Far from it.  

For instance, my graduate role as Junior Marketing Manager means I sit under MOI’s SVP of Growth, Mike Boogaard who is a B2B marketing leader and an expert in account-based marketing (ABM). His team is directly responsible for achieving revenue growth over the next three years.  

And to help him achieve these targets, Mike has given me plenty to take care of. I’m currently working on a monthly video podcast as we look to grow our events platform ‘B2BNXT’ into a global thought-leadership program. 

My academy colleague and digital designer Ollie Bartlett has been working on various design projects for clients on a global scale. He also gets to work on important internal work too, like award submissions and most excitingly our new soon-to-be-launched MOI website.  

The same goes for my other friends and colleagues. Charlotte Heatley is the project management queen who completed her six-month internship and has now become a permanent Marketing Executive. The same success went to Gabby O’Driscoll who started out in a content marketing position but is now a brilliant Account Manager – helping to manage MOI’s portfolio of clients that include some of the biggest tech brands in the world.  

The question is then: what’s not to love? Here are some of the many benefits of working at MOI and being a part of the academy:  

  • You get to work with cool and creative people  
  • You get to learn from B2B marketing leaders and experts  
  • You get to be involved in very important work  
  • You get to be a part of an award-winning agency that is growing 
  • You get the opportunity to work flexibly, spending some days working remotely and others in the office 
  • You get the opportunity to grow, learn and rise through the MOI ranks  

So, if you’re a creative, professional and well-organised individual who can help us turn the heads that count, get in touch. The best bet is contacting our Chief People Officer David Haward via Linkedin.  

Having just finished university, I know there’s a lot of young budding talent out there who would be a great fit for the agency. So don’t wait. Get in touch now!  

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