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Get to know: Daniel Garlick – MOI’s Copywriter

I’ve been a copywriter at MOI for about three years now, so I thought it was about time I told you about my time here, and how being part of the MOI Academy has helped my career.

The MOI Academy is a programme that gives those new to marketing real experience of working in the industry. It’s kind of an internship programme, except that MOI’s younger employees are part of it too. 

But first, let’s start with how I got here:

Right after graduating with a degree in Creative Writing, I did a three-month copywriting internship for a tiny startup, where I learnt nothing about copywriting. I won’t go into details but let’s just say that, at one point, the interns outnumbered the full-time employees. Oh, and it was unpaid. It’s safe to say it wasn’t a great experience.

Put off the idea of internships for a while, and because nobody would give me a job, I turned to freelancing. While it gave me a chance to build my copywriting portfolio, the work was mainly for small businesses, so I didn’t earn much more than pocket money.

Once my first internship had become a distant memory, I finally got around to contacting marketing agencies, sending letters begging to be taken on. It was MOI that took pity on me, giving me six months to prove myself.

They started me on the MOI brand. Fortunately, I got here just as MOI was undergoing a big change in their brand, so I got to play a part in developing a new, bolder tone of voice. I soon moved onto client work – my portfolio now includes global brands including Oracle, DXC Technology, Ciena, Fuji Xerox, Advanced and Deloitte.

If you don’t know much about B2B, you might have not even heard of many of them, but they’re all working in the background to make sure businesses across the world can function. The world’s economy would quickly grind to a halt without them.

Was it the right decision to do an internship at MOI? Well, I’m still here over three years later. I’ve learnt a lot, and my copywriting skills are incomparable to when I started.  

Everyone here’s friendly and approachable – even the people right at the top, including David Haward, who works closely with the MOI Academy. I’m not saying you’d want to, but the option’s always there (I’m only joking, David, please don’t fire me).

You’d better get used to working with music blasting from the ceiling speakers all day though. There are some pretty questionable music tastes, but you can always take over with your own Spotify playlist.

Well, I’ve done my bit. I’m off to play some pool.

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